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Kitchen Remodeling – Cooking up a Good Return on Investment

Sellers often renovate their kitchens to add value to their home and to make the property more competitive in the market with the hope that it will sell more quickly. This is not a bad idea. After all, in a market that is moving down, the faster you sell the more likely it will be that you will sell for more.

The popularity of home renovation reality TV shows has exposed homeowners to the latest in design trends.If it is your intention to sell soon after the renovation, it is wise to carefully consider the time and cost of the renovation. Even if you’re staying, it is possible to revamp your kitchen without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, one size does not fit all. If your home is in a higher end price range, your choices will probably be for more expensive materials and appliances. If yours is a more modest home than you can be more economical in your selections. The most important thing you can do is plan carefully. Don’t be afraid to call on the help of experts; a good kitchen designer or architect can actually save you money while helping you to avoid making costly mistakes.

Whatever the value of your home unless your cabinets are in poor condition, you should try to avoid replacing them. Instead, consider refinishing them and replacing hardware with a more contemporary look. Always remove clutter and be sure that everything is sparkling clean. Don’t forget the adage that a can of paint is $20 in its container and $1000 on the wall. Low-VOC paints are environmentally friendly and in earth tones, broadly appealing.

One more thing; if the cabinets cannot be refinished – they’re just too old or tacky – consider purchasing lightly used kitchen cabinets and appliances that have been in homes that have undergone an extensive remodel and no longer fit their newly designed space but may be a perfect fit for you. This combines recyclling with cost efficiency. Check out Green Demolitions with stores in metropolitan New York – Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania (

Other elements of a remodel can include countertops and flooring. Stone tile for the floor is attractive but is not only expensive but hard on a cook standing for hours during meal preparation. Consider refinishing wood floors or using high grade resilient products like Marmoleum. Keep in mind that replacing a sink and faucet can be fairly inexpensive and make a significant difference in the look of the kitchen. Finally countertops have a big impact on the space. Unless these look good it is wise to replace them. If you’re convinced that it needs to be granite, keep in mind that tiles may well be a more affordable solution than one-piece surfaces.

I do hope that you do your kitchen renovation while you still have time to enjoy this all important update. The return on investment will be far more than the average 68.7% that the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Cost vs Value Report indicates.

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