As a professional Realtor, working largely by referral and supported by a team of professionals, I'll put 20 years of experience to work for you and your family.

As an artist with considerable skill in marketing and sales promotion, I'll create compelling visuals that capture the essence of a residential property and support your efforts to buy or sell.

As your neighbor, a homeowner in this stunning region of the country, I can help you settle in, maintain and improve your home, keep up with the market, and enjoy the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to its fullest.

Why Own a Home?

If you’re looking at this page, you’ve been thinking about the differences between renting and owning your own home. There is nothing wrong with renting; for some people it is the perfect solution to their lifestyle decisions. Besides what would investment real estate be without tenants?

What are the reasons one might have for buying rather than renting?

• Were you to ask permission from your landlord to paint your wall the purple that’s your favorite color you’ll hear, “No.”
• You have to live with a room configuration that has you walk hundreds more steps each day than if the room flow fits your lifestyle needs.
• You have to keep your children very quiet because the sound of running feet annoys the folks downstairs.
• You can’t stand hard rock and that is all your neighbor plays, day after day.
• Your teenager can practice the drums or clarinet or whatever, only between 4 and 6 pm without disturbing the neighbors.
• You’d really like to have a dog or cat but your landlord says “No!”
• You can’t expand your apartment to fit your family’s growing needs.
• The toilet leaks and the landlord will “get around to fixing it.”
• You can’t have a washer and dryer and must go to a laundromat.
• You have to ask permission to trim the bush that blocks the light coming in your windows.
• You love to garden and the best you can do is a couple of pots on the window sill.
• You are restricted in what you can hang on your walls.
• You must keep your floors carpeted even if you have allergies.
• You pay an electric bill for antiquated appliances because that’s what comes with your rented home.
• To you, rent is always an expense but for your landlord it’s always income.
• You don’t get the tax breaks that people have on their primary residences.
• Housing prices relative to income are the lowest they’ve been in many, many years.
• Mortgage costs are extraordinarily low and cannot possibly stay at these levels.
• When your lease is up you may find yourself without a home. It’s not yours by right even if you unfailingly pay your rent on time.

Because of all of these and more; for a people who have always prized freedom, it is the right to choose the way we live, an integral part of the American Dream.