As a professional Realtor, working largely by referral and supported by a team of professionals, I'll put 20 years of experience to work for you and your family.

As an artist with considerable skill in marketing and sales promotion, I'll create compelling visuals that capture the essence of a residential property and support your efforts to buy or sell.

As your neighbor, a homeowner in this stunning region of the country, I can help you settle in, maintain and improve your home, keep up with the market, and enjoy the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to its fullest.

Selecting the best seller’s agent

The selection of the agent to represent you in the sale of your very valuable property is every bit as important as your choice of agency. Ultimately it is the agent who is responsible for delivering service in such a way as to elevate your real estate sales experience from merely good to great! The best place to start is to ask for a referral from a friend, relative or associate, preferably one who has had a good experience with that agent. Above all, you need someone who is trustworthy, willing to look out for you, keeping your interests and needs foremost, always. That’s called integrity. Greatly important too, is the skill level and market expertise of the person you’re hiring. You’ll want someone who can present your home and the assets of the community in which it’s located. Buyers look at a home within the context of its community.

What are the most important SKILLS your agent must possess?

1. Communication – In survey after survey, the biggest complaint that sellers have is that of an agent’s failure to communicate. Communication can be face to face, by phone, text or e-mail. The one thing it should always be is frequent. You should never have to feel frustrated because your agent has failed to get back to you with answers to questions or left you in the dark as to feedback from other agents and buyer prospects. Style matters too. You need to be on the same “wave length.” Some people call it compatibility and it matters.

2. Negotiation − There is little more important than the agent’s ability to negotiate. One who works and plays well with others will probably lead you down a less tortuous path than one who sees the other side as an adversary. After all, the idea is that all parties have their needs met, not that one vanquishes the other.

3. Analytical ability – There is a profusion of data available to agent and public alike. If you are to be able to make wise decisions on how to price your home or even whether or not it’s wise to sell, you’ll want someone who understands market dynamics and can effectively predict a selling range. Much of that ability comes from experience and the capacity of the agent to pay attention to detail, sort conflicting information and arrive at reasonable conclusions.

4. Marketing ability − An important part of this is having a good eye and knowing how to create distinctive and compelling visuals in both print advertising and on the web − which is where most buyers spend much of their time searching for their new home. Your agent also needs resources, time, and support staff to market your home effectively. Don’t be afraid to ask about that.

If you’re talking to one or more agents, ask their opinion on your home’s value and saleability, but don’t be mislead by the agent who gives you a surprisingly high listing price — they may be trying to “buy” your listing by making you think your home is worth more than it actually is. The result is painful and costly. Your home won’t sell and you’ll miss valid opportunities. What’s worse, you will stay at a place of indecision and uncertainty, unable to move forward with your life’s plans.