As a professional Realtor, working largely by referral and supported by a team of professionals, I'll put 20 years of experience to work for you and your family.

As an artist with considerable skill in marketing and sales promotion, I'll create compelling visuals that capture the essence of a residential property and support your efforts to buy or sell.

As your neighbor, a homeowner in this stunning region of the country, I can help you settle in, maintain and improve your home, keep up with the market, and enjoy the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to its fullest.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Some relatively easy and inexpensive changes can reduce the time your house is on the market and net you more money − changes that influence the response of prospective buyers as they walk up to your front door and cross the threshold. Buying a home has a powerful emotional component that affects the choices that buyers make and you want to ensure that all evoked feelings are positive. The key is to think of your home the way a critical buyer might.

What are the seemingly little details that can make a big difference?

1. Curb appeal – The first thing that any buyer sees is the front of your house, the hardscape and landscaping surrounding it. Everything should be as appealing as possible. Freshening can be as simple painting the front door an inviting color. A more drastic approach might include power-washing and staining or painting the entire exterior and replacing any damaged wood or trim in the process. Shrubbery around the house should be foundation height and not block views into or out of the windows. In the spring and summer a dead tree will stand out like a sore thumb. Have it taken down, especially if it’s anywhere near the house. For all other plantings, lush looks better than scrawny every time. Lawns should be clipped and walkways neatly edged. Colorful plants accenting the front entry add just a bit more pizzazz.

2. Cleanliness − Above all else, a home on the market must be sparkling clean. Animal hair, dust balls, smudges on shiny glass or metal surfaces are all no-no’s. Unpleasant odors can be a big issue too. Fido and Tiger may be wonderful companions but, especially for prospective buyers with allergies, their odors can prompt a hasty departure. Think about your basement too; some people are grossed out by spider webs and other creepy crawlies which tend to congregate in lower level spaces. Also some people cannot tolerate even a hint of tobacco smoke. Smokers are advised, at the very least, to take it outside.

3. Simplicity − Not every house has abundant square footage but the sense of space can be increased through the reduction of clutter. Your mementos are meaningless to anyone else and serve only to distract from the selling features of your house. This applies to paintings and photographs on the walls as well. They should be scaled to the space in which they hang. Group small items together or remove them entirely. Pay some attention to your closets too. They should look as if there is plenty more room in there for lots more stuff. Hey, you’re going to be moving so start to pack!

4. Flow − Do you always have to walk around a piece of furniture to get from one room to another? That means that something is impeding the flow and probably making the space feel smaller than need be. You might want to rearrange things a bit. Also ask yourself if the furniture you have is in the right scale for the room. Too many, too big, pieces can also make a room feel “tight.”

5. Lighting − Lighting is incredibly important. You don’t want people to feel that your rooms are dreary and uninviting. Be sure that no bulbs are burnt out in lamps and fixtures and that the wattage is at maximum capacity. Also avoid window treatments that darken rooms. If your windows frame a beautiful view or are an important architectural detail, you may even wish to remove curtains or blinds entirely.

6. Accentuate the positive – It’s as important to maximize your home’s assets as much as it is to “clear the palette” for another owner. Play up hardwood floors and make sure your fireplace is the focal point of the room. Beautifully painted walls and trim can give an enormous lift to your home. The use of neutral tones is generally advised though an accent wall of more intense color can be used very effectively in emphasizing an important room or feature wall.

7. Condition − Make small repairs; cabinet doors should hang properly, windows should open and close, screens need to be intact or be removed, appliances should all function, faucets and plumbing need to be leak free. You don’t want to waste water anyway. If your home has been recently painted, look for nicked or chipped surfaces and do some touch up. Always use a critical eye; the little things that you might regularly overlook or have adapted to seem much more important to a prospective buyer. Finally be sure that your roof is not leaking. Flashing around vent pipes and chimneys frequently creates problems.

In a market that is heavily laden with competitive properties, paying attention to the above items will help you to stand out, “to be best in class.” Just as owning a home can be challenging, so is selling. If these changes feel impossible and you have some trouble sorting it all out or being objective, ask your agent for help that should have already been volunteered. You’re looking for someone who will be kind with candor! Additionally you can always ask for a referral to a professional home stager, someone who will help you make final decisions, prioritize activities and finally get things done in a timely way. Overwhelmed? It’s best to start early and do a little bit at a time. In the end you can have a marketable property that’s picture-perfect.