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Seller Closing Costs

Loan Payoff and Payoff Fees
If you have a mortgage on your home it will need to be paid off at the closing. In Westchester and Putnam counties the attorney for the seller contacts the bank and determines the payoff and fees associated with closing on a particular date.

Real Estate Commission
This was most likely determined at the time you agreed to hire an agent to represent you in the sale of your home. Typically it’s a percentage of the selling prices. In some instances the sales commission comes up for review during the negotiations but you will be aware of that long before you get to the closing table.

Transfer Taxes
Municipalities impose a tax on the transfer of real property. In Westchester County the amount is $4/$1000 of the sales price. Mt. Vernon and Yonkers impose an additional 1% and 1.5% respectively.

Attorney’s Fee
This amount varies considerably. Please don’t assume that all attorneys should charge the same rate. They possess enormously different levels of expertise and that may well be reflected in their charges.

Water Bill
At residences served by municipal water sources, the final costs include paying off the amount of water used up to the date of closing plus an additional fee for closing out the account. This can be a lien on the property so payment must be made in advance of or at the closing.

Westchester Well Water Testing (where appropriate)
This applies to properties with well water rather than municipal water service and is not really a closing cost. However, in Westchester County, if you do not provide the results of a specific and comprehensive well water test done within the 12 months prior to closing, you will not be allowed to pass title.

Fee in Lieu of Property Condition Disclosure
New York State has a law that mandates that a seller provide a property condition disclosure to the prospective buyer prior to their having signed the contract of sale OR reimburse the buyer $500 at closing. How a seller handles this option is worth discussing with his/her attorney.

Sellers living outside of New York State and selling real property here will have additional fees. Please consult your accountant.