As a professional Realtor, working largely by referral and supported by a team of professionals, I'll put 20 years of experience to work for you and your family.

As an artist with considerable skill in marketing and sales promotion, I'll create compelling visuals that capture the essence of a residential property and support your efforts to buy or sell.

As your neighbor, a homeowner in this stunning region of the country, I can help you settle in, maintain and improve your home, keep up with the market, and enjoy the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to its fullest.

Undecided about Selling? 5 Things to Consider

We’ve all seen the news. Housing inventory is shrinking and sales prices are rising in markets all over the country. Does this mean you should sell now? This decision is always specific to your circumstances. Do you want to move and why?

 Equity Return

With the serious decline in the housing market over the last few years, equity disappeared for many homeowners. However for the first time in a very long time, equity is bouncing back. If you’ve been waiting to sell for this reason, chances are you now have a bit more positive equity in your home, thanks to recent market upswings.  Maybe now is the time to consider that long-awaited sale and hopefully walk away with some cash in the bank.

You’re Treading on Each Others Toes

Your home is just too small; growing kids (and their stuff) are everywhere; you’ve added an elderly parent to your household; you’re working from home and NEED two offices! Everything feels tight because you’ve outgrown your home! This is the time to consider a move to something rather larger or with a different layout.  With sales prices no longer slipping downward and the spring selling season here, you and your buyers can take advantage of current interest rates before their inevitable march upward.

 You’re Rattling Around in Too Expensive Home

Your family has undergone some attrition for one reason or another; maybe you’ve retired or are seriously thinking of it; you don’t need all that space to keep clean and maintain. Selling now and downsizing has plenty of advantages – lower maintenance costs and taxes, maybe a more comfortable sense of space. Things have changed; make the most of your new lifestyle.

 Interest Rates Will Go Up

Interest rates have been rock bottom for so long they can only go up. If you’re wondering when it would be the best time to get a great mortgage for a new home once you’ve sold your old one, the answer is right now. Sell now, buy, and get in on those low rates for the long term.

 Chasing the Market is Counterproductive

Sell when you need and want to.  If you’ve changed jobs, divorced, married, blended a family, or can’t manage stairs or seemingly endless maintenance, don’t try and chase the market up or down.  There is good news when selling and then buying another house or condo immediately after; the market in which you’re acting is predictable. If you’re selling low, you’re buying low. If you’re selling high, you’ll be buying high. Let your Realtor help you understand the current market and sell your home for its fair-market value.  Then, when you move on, be sure to buy a home that will be right for you for years to come.

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