As a professional Realtor, working largely by referral and supported by a team of professionals, I'll put 20 years of experience to work for you and your family.

As an artist with considerable skill in marketing and sales promotion, I'll create compelling visuals that capture the essence of a residential property and support your efforts to buy or sell.

As your neighbor, a homeowner in this stunning region of the country, I can help you settle in, maintain and improve your home, keep up with the market, and enjoy the Hudson Valley and Westchester County to its fullest.

Real Estate Marketing

This ramble/discourse was prompted by a mailing that I received today. Quite glossy and pretty, what caught my attention was the headline. (Like most of you, I discard almost everything sent to me, unread or barely perused – not true, I hope, of my clients who regularly receive information relating to real estate that is both interesting and relevant. However, as this mailer related to real estate, I looked at it first before consigning it to recycling.* The headline read, “Company XYZ is proud to service the Yorktown Heights Community.” As I live in an entirely different, though nearby area, I thought the headline a bit off-kilter. The interior of the marketing piece went on to refer to a “quaint community” with a “robust atmosphere” and a “distinguished team of Yorktown agents,” etc, etc.
I do wonder about the expertise of a company that cannot or does not, distinguish between one community and another. Whenever I market properties in Yorktown, which I find both robust and having a wonderful selection of homes, I understand that there a differences in the feel in that community versus that of those in the Hudson River Towns, each distinctive in its own right. Do you think understanding those distinctions is important? Let me know. Please email me at
*Quite frankly, most of what I receive as a homeowner is sloppy and/or unattractive. To me that presages the marketing materials another homeowner might expect from that agency and agent.

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